November 2018

Lawyer, Politician, Social Justice Expert, Verity Firth
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Verity Firth has achieved great success following her passion for Education, Health & Social Justice. Today’s guest is a well-respected lawyer and a former Minister for Women, Minister for Climate Change and Minister for Education and Training. She is currently the...
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Periodista y Comunicador Yezid Baquero
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El invitado de hoy es una persona que se caracteriza por ser positivo, honesto y proactivo. Yezid Baquero. El invitado de hoy estudió Comunicación Social y Periodismo. Ha ganado varios premios importantes por su gran compromiso con su profesión. En...
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Global Education Specialist and Business owner, Cynthia banks
Cynthia Banks is a top-level business woman. She is an influential name in the field of international education. Today’s guest is a lady boss entrepreneur. She founded one of the most respected Study Abroad organisations in the world, is a global...
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