January 2019

Creator of WooTube & One Of The Best Teachers In The World, Eddie Woo
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Eddie Woo makes an impact in the lives of young people around the world. He gets excited about trigonometry and calculus – a maths rock star. Today’s guest is working with passion and living with purpose. He is a recognizable...
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Restaurateur and Owner The Grounds in Alexandria, Ramzey Choker
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Ramzey has a burning passion for building and creating things. He is a promoninent name in the Australian hospitality industry and the owner of several businesses, including cafes and restaurants that are immensely popular. Today’s guest has a very successful...
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Experto Inteligencia de Negocios y Nuevas Tecnologias, Carlos Rozo
El invitado de hoy ha sido una persona que con el paso del tiempo a aprendido a perder el miedo a la toma de decisiones. Carlos Rozo. Carlos Rozo es ingeniero de sistemas y actualmente logró posicionarse como Director de...
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