Human Rights Advocate & Sports Commentator, Craig Foster
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Craig Foster is a humanitarian. Using his influence on the world of sports, his desire for social justice propels many campaigns forward all around the world. Today’s guest is a professional football player turned sports commentator and human rights advocate....
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World Record Freediver and Navy Seal Trainer, Anna von Boetticher
Anna von Boetticher is a woman of deep passion. With a world record and years of training as a free diver, her ability to conquer the depths of the ocean makes her an inspiration for adventurers across the globe. Today’s...
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Olympic Gold Medalist & World Record Holder, Stephanie Rice
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Stephanie Rice is the quintessential athlete. Disciplined and dedicated, she is an optimist through and through. She reached great heights of fame as an Olympic medallist, and continues to use her influence to change the world. Today’s guest is a...
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