‘Never Too Small’ creator, Colin Chee
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Colin Chee is a man of simplicity. He strives to capture the essence of a story and present it in the most digestible way possible. His current creative venture (Never Too Small) reflects his values perfectly. Today’s guest has built...
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Architect & Designer of Best House In The World, William Smart
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William Smart has a gift for everything related to design. He is now the lead person of his own award-winning Architecture practice, Smart Design Studio in Sydney, Australia. Today’s guest is an icon in the Australian architecture industry. His smart...
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Architect, Football Coach and Micro Farmer, Em.Prof. Gary Moore
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My guest is a person who is not afraid of change. In fact he embraces it. Gary Moore. Today's guest has worn many hats in his life. He has been an Architect, an academic and Dean, Football Coach, and now...
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