community engagement

Architect, Football Coach and Micro Farmer, Em.Prof. Gary Moore
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My guest is a person who is not afraid of change. In fact he embraces it. Gary Moore. Today's guest has worn many hats in his life. He has been an Architect, an academic and Dean, Football Coach, and now...
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How To Overcome Difficult Situations With Positivism & Gratitude, Ana Paula Ruiz
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Today's guest is one of the strongest and most positive people you will ever meet. Ana Paula Ruiz Today's guest studied Political Science, Languages and International Relations in Colombia. She began working with companies that helped people fulfill their dream...
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GoGet Car Share & Dresden Eyewear Founder, Bruce Jeffreys
My guest today has opened two very community-focused businesses. GoGet (car sharing) and Dresden (glasses made with recycled plastic). My guest today has opened two very successful business with the community in the front of mind. These two businesses have...
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