Professor and Women in STEM Ambassador, Lisa Harvey-Smith
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Lisa Harvey-Smith has an amazing personal and professional compass. She fell in love with astronomy as a kid and it has shaped her life and others’ around her through her passion and belief in humankind. Today’s guest is a professor...
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Assistive technology expert for vision impairment, Iain Murray
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Iain Murray believes education is power, and so he started a programme that continuously motivates and challenges vision-impaired students to do their best work and live their best life. Today’s guest is the visionary behind the world’s blind webmasters and...
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Illumination Design & Lighting Engineer, Professor Warren Julian
My guest today is a Lighting Engineer who has taught all over the world. He Received the Order of Australia for his contribution to his field.  My Guest is Warren Julian. Today's guest received an Order Of Australia (AM) which...
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