Share your story and help many

Quick, Simple & Easy

I am aware you are busy.

In advance, many thanks for being so generous with your time.

I am more than happy to accommodate to the date and time that suits you most.

The only thing I would like you to please take into account is:

  1. I am based in Sydney, Australia.
  2. If you are based in other time zones (for example Europe or America)  please take this into account when scheduling the interview.

Simply let me know:

1. DATE that suits you best
2. TIME that works with your schedule
3. PLACE that is convenient for you.

Step by step
  1. Please reply to our email and agree to do the interview.
  2. Please specify the day, time and place that suits you the most. It can be a cafe, your office, hotel lobby, or any other place that works for you. It can also be done online (we would send you our Zoom link).
  3. We will send you a calendar invitation to schedule the interview.
    Thank you in advance for accepting to participate!
  4. The line of questions is sent to you (if requested).
    Please note some guests prefer not to receive the questions in advance.
  5. I will arrive at the agreed date, time and place (please note I will be the only person attending the meeting, with a camera, microphones and recorder).
  6. The chat/conversation will be of around 1 hour, and it will be recorded. We will record the first and last 5 minutes of the interview so that it can be uploaded to YouTube.
  7.  The recording will have minimal edits to ensure it sounds as natural as possible.
  8. Depending on how the conversation goes, some follow up questions will be asked as we want it to flow naturally.
  9. After the episode is recorded, we will edit the audio/video files, the show notes and episode webpage will be created.  We are able to send a preview link and the scheduled release date before it goes live (if requested by guest).
  10. Once the interview is live and published, we will send you the permanent links so that you can also share it in within your channels. We will share it as many channels as we can.

This is it!
Thank you again for participating in this meaningful and purposeful project. 
I am really looking forward to hearing your story, and to pass your message to as many people as we can!

We are sure your story, advice, successes and failures will inspire more people that you can imagine. I am certain that your positive messages will help encourage lots of people that are trying to reach success in your same line of work.  I am sure you will also enjoy and learn from this experience. Your message will for sure help educate many within the community in the form of a virtual mentorship.

A mentor is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you always know you could be.  Tom Landry

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