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The resources we give you are based on experience. The purpose of these documents is for you to avoid

wasting money,
losing time by creating systems that will ensure you can launch sooner rather than later.
These are live documents that are continuously updated and that allow you to truly think about the whole process.
We cover all aspects of podcasting including, planning, strategy, pre and post-production, creative, & targeted/niche aspects related to podcasting.

What we are trying to say is that we are not like other courses where they simply copied all the information from Google.

What will you get once you subscribe?

You will get access to all the resources, checklists, guides and step by step systems we have created over the years. Some of the specifics are:

Podcasting can be hard work. we teach you and give you advice on how to set systems in place so that repetitive tasks can be done much quicker.
We give you tricks so that you can delegate time-consuming steps (Eg. producing each episode). In this way, you can focus on what you really enjoy which is creating new content for your show!
We give you specific steps and questions for your planning/strategy stage. You will be able to find your specific target market and be able to create a niche show (which will differentiate you from all others!).
We give you tips on how to become an interviewer that is engaging. I have identified certain details after producing hundreds of episodes for the Innovator Diaries and TIPS shows. This will maximise the chances of making you a leading voice in your industry.
We show you several ways to promote your show and a variety of methods you can use to make it a sustainable project with income sources.
You get 4 months of access to all guides and checklists. You can do this from whatever device you want (phone or computer).
This is not just a collection of files. Some of them give you exercises, entice you to take action and checkpoints to enforce your progress with your project.

The price for membership is $39.00 now.

Membership expires after 4 Months.

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