Custom Podcast Artwork



The podcast artwork matters. LOTS. There’s no question about it.
This is generally the first touch-point podcast searchers have with your show.
If the podcast artwork catches their eye, they will then read your title.

Your artwork HAS to stand-out, and it HAS to give a great first impression (check examples here).
We can help you with this. It is a very simple process:

We ask you some questions. You tell us exactly what you’re looking for.
You send us 2-3 examples of the artwork of other shows that you like. This will give us a good head start.
The first draft is delivered within 10 working days. The price includes two revisions.
Final Podcast Artwork delivered as JPG’s and at 3000 x 3000 px and 1500 x 1500 px resolutions as recommended by iTunes
Artwork Brings:

Greater click-through’s
A better first impression, making it more likely people will listen to your show
Allow listeners to identify a well-known guest quickly.
Allow listeners to identify a person they’ve seen in the news or other articles (but they didn’t necessarily know their name).
A higher level of professionalism, increasing the reputation of your show
customised episode artwork will also allow profiling of the specific guest or topic you are talking about in that specific episode.
Social Media Banner and Artwork
Why do a banner as well? Podcast artwork is square.
Social media and websites tend to use portrait style formats (rectangles).
We can adapt and customise your artwork to fit in these other formats (see most common artwork formats at bottom of the bottom of this page)

NOTE: We only do social media banners based on podcast artworks we created as well.
Prices don’t include photography. Photos will need to be provided in high resolution by clients.
We are able to manipulate and use free images available on some specialised sites (however these images can be used by many other people/businesses and are not unique to your show).

Individual episode artwork is based on a template created based on the show artwork (previously produced by us). Photography is submitted by client (if applicable).