Raw/original content 1-5 minutes = $90 per episode



  • Level the whole episode, and apply volume limiters if needed.
  • Apply noise reductions
  • Make sure all subjects sound professional by removing “Ums”, “Ehhhs”, “tsss” and other verbal ticks (that don’t interfere with the subject’s natural speech pattern)
  • We will remove long pauses, coughs, sneezes, interruptions and tighten conversational gaps
  • We will remove any other content client requests. For example, if the episode needs to be a specific time length (some shows have a length limit per episode). Specific information to be deleted needs to be time-stamped (Eg. delete  unnecessary comment from 1:20 to 3:45)
  • Insert existing intro, outro and ads.
  • Insert any music intervals when applicable
  • We will process audio, export episode and upload it to share drive so that you can download it.

We will deliver the final file in mp3 format.
Once the original audio file has been received, it will take 4 working days to produce the final mp3 episode file.
One revision is included in the price for small edits. Specific notes need to be provided with the revision request. 2 working days are required for the revision.

MAJOR EDITS: that were not included in the initial brief will be charged at $60 per hour. 
EDIT / REVISIONS  requests received more than 48 hours after final file has been submitted will also be charged at $60 per hour.
PAYMENT METHOD: We are happy to receive the payment for the first episode after it has been processed and delivered to you. This will allow you to confirm that you’re happy with our work. All subsequent episodes will be invoiced and paid in advance.
These prices are for 1-on-1 interview-style podcasts. There are additional costs for more complicated formats, edits, or for additional guests.